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Curious, determined and creative scientists and researchers are the driving force behind groundbreaking discoveries and insights. They are the ones who advance our research, our institutions, and our society – and make a difference. This is why they are at the heart of the programs we fund at Wübben Stiftung Wissenschaft.

Our mission

We see ourselves as a strategic partner and service provider for German universities and research institutes, helping them identify, attract and integrate outstanding international academics. We believe in the value of unconventional ideas, and encourage students, researchers and universities to break new ground.

Who we are

Collector's Piecesseries

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introduced by Peter-André Alt

#2 Benjamin List

In our “Collector's Pieces” video series we present a selection of discussions, interviews, and lectures by renowned academics. The second episode of Collector's Pieces is a lecture by Nobel Prize winner Benjamin List. The enthusiasm for his specialist field - catalysis research - is not only palpable in the lecture hall at TU Dortmund University.

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