Please irritate me

Please Irritate Me

A public discussion series with Peter-André Alt and guests on new perspectives in science and research.

An insight starts with curiosity, but it often ends with irritation. Knowledge that suspends our perception and judgment routines can irritate us. At the same time, it motivates us to question the familiar. Along with the audience, we want to be irritated by unusual research questions, original approaches, and the latest findings that challenge existing theoretical frameworks. And we are interested in topics that have either been neglected or have never been researched, including outlying, unapparent, and surprising subjects.

In addition to delving into individual research topics, we are interested in the question of how “the new” finds its way into science and research. Gaining new scientific knowledge is not a straightforward process, and is not based on an accumulation of knowledge, but rather on anomalies or chance events, and is the result of a creative process – including trial and error.

Join us to meet scientists who are following unusual paths, challenging us with their research, and delivering new perspectives and ideas for scientific knowledge-building.

We look forward to welcoming you!

In collaboration with the Junge Akademie 

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