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Who we are

Wübben Stiftung Wissenschaft is a private grant-making foundation based in Berlin. It aims to help strengthen Germany as an excellent, internationally visible, and competitive science and research hub. Outstanding international academics at various career stages are at the heart of its funding activities.

Our philosophy

We see ourselves as a strategic partner and service provider for German universities and research institutes, helping them identify, attract, and integrate international academics. We believe in the value of unconventional ideas, and encourage students, researchers and universities to break new ground.

How we work

In all programs and activities, we follow the principle of enabling:

We want to enable

  • Germany to attract the best international academics,
  • universities to fill top professorships quickly and successfully,
  • promising students to complete their degrees successfully,
  • unconventional scientific ideas, approaches, and concepts to find a platform,
  • newly appointed university presidents to obtain valuable ideas for their new role through peer-to-peer coaching.


The Foundation was established in 2023 by Dr. Walter Wübben, who also launched Wübben Stiftung Bildung in 2013. Both foundations follow the aim of strengthening Germany as an education and research hub. They are two separate organizations and operate independently of each other.

Wübben Stiftung Wissenschaft is about supporting science and research that makes a difference: for the individual conducting the research, for the universities, and for Germany as a research hub.

Dr. Walter Wübben

Guiding principles

The Foundation

  • promotes world-class science and research,
  • provides stimuli to strengthen the effectiveness and international profile of the German science system,
  • has a positive attitude to risk, is innovative in its thinking, flexible in its working methods, and practical in its actions,
  • provides funding both through its own programs and by supporting and collaborating with partners,
  • identifies the best initiatives/applications through a competitive, science-led selection process,
  • seeks dialogue with policymakers and society,
  • uses its funds responsibly and efficiently, and expects the same of its partners,
  • develops quality benchmarks against which it measures its funding activities,
  • is politically and religiously independent, and committed to democratic principles and values,
  • recognizes the Guiding Principles of Good Practice for Foundations.


Wübben Stiftung Wissenschaft is a member of the Association of German Foundations and Stifterverband für die Deutsche Wissenschaft.

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