Student Grants program launched

Berlin, October 1, 2023

Wübben Stiftung Wissenschaft has awarded its first round of scholarships to 30 outstanding students enrolled at German universities. Starting with the 2023/24 winter term, they will be provided with a monthly grant of €550 for one year.

©Brooke Cagle / Unsplash

The Wübben Foundation Student Grants are designed to give students the opportunity to concentrate fully on their studies during their final year of their bachelor’s or master’s degree. The 30 recipients, nominated by the spokespersons of the DFG’s clusters of excellence, were selected from disciplines that range from the life sciences, physics, and mathematics to psychology, Islamic studies, and international relations. They represent twelve countries, which include, beyond Germany, India, Iran, South Korea, and the USA.

“These students share a curiosity for science and a willingness to engage with the key research questions in their respective fields,” says Peter-André Alt, spokesperson of the Management Board of Wübben Stiftung Wissenschaft. “We look forward to getting to know these talented young students and wish them all the best for the final phase of their studies.”

The Wübben Foundation Student Grants are the first program to be rolled out by Wübben Stiftung Wissenschaft.

Further programs in the form of a Tenure Track and an Advanced Professorship are currently being planned.


Wübben Stiftung Wissenschaft took up operations on April 1, 2023. It focuses on supporting students, scientists, and researchers with an international profile at various career stages.